Things to avoid choosing ceramic subway tiles

Choosing ceramic subway tiles is a fun project, but it’s also one that requires careful planning to guarantee you get it right the first time. The floor can make or break a room, and making the wrong choice may be an expensive error to fix.To assist you in making tile decisions and selecting from the myriad of bathroom and kitchen tile ideas available, we’ve compiled a list of typical mistakes to avoid when purchasing tiles, along with professional advice.

Enough tiles should be ordered:

You’ve spent time doing the math and making sure you’ve ordered the correct numberof ceramic subway tiles, only to realize you’re a few tiles short of finishing your bathroom or kitchen makeover. It is one of the most aggravating feels in the world, especially if you’ve engaged a professional to install it! When ordering tiles online, a typical and sometimes costly mistake is failing to account for wastage, which is why we recommend having an extra 10% to address this. It’s a tiny price to pay to ensure you have enough tiles to finish your project.

Wasting extra tiles:

Saving spares is just as crucial as making sure you order enough tiles. Keep any leftover tiles after you’ve completed a project in case you need them again. Even if you have an entire box left, instead of returning them to the retailer, keep them somewhere safe. Because tiles are printed in batches and new styles are released every year, you may have trouble locating an exact match if you need one in the future.

Choosing wrong sized tiles:

Tiles are available in a big range of sizes, from 7.5 x 15cm metro bricks to 60 x 120cm big format tiles. While they provide you the freedom to design your ideal home, choosing the wrong size can make be a reason for a project’s success and failure. When it comes to tiling, one of the most popular design choices is to use small tiles in little places. ‘ You might assume large format tiles aren’t for you if you’re seeking small bathroom tile ideas. That is not the case, however! The more grout lines you have, the smaller your area will appear; the fewer grout lines you have, the more space illusion and seamless finish you will have.

Not trying a sample first:

Another common blunder is failing to order a sample of the product first. You may examine the true color, texture, and finish of a tile by ordering a swatch sample (a small cut of the complete tile) or a full tile sample (the best for imagining how it will look in your house).When it comes to tiling, it’s crucial to prepare ahead of time and view the tile in the space to have a sense of how it’ll look once it’s tiled. ‘ Due to illumination, tiles often appear considerably different in a showroom than they do at home. It’s also crucial to look at the tile in your room from the angle at which it will be tiled. If you’re looking for bathroom floor tiles, for example, ensure sure the tile is lying flat. If it’s your wall, make sure you’re looking at the tile from the side of the wall you’re tiling.