Hotel Room Workout Plans and Ideas from Arlo NoMad

With hotel gyms around the country closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, guests need creative outlets for staying fit. At our boutique hotel Arlo NoMad we encourage our guests to try a hotel room workout that hits all the major muscle groups. Using bodyweight exercises and the hotel room furniture, our guests can get in a full workout before checking out the Empire State Building or taking a Central Park stroll.

A great full-body exercise routine is the Seven-Minute Workout from the American College of Sports Medicine. It warms you up with jumping jacks, then goes through other exercises to work your upper and lower body and the all-important core. Our guests report it’s an invigorating way for them to start their day, and they simply hop in our amazing room shower when they’re done. Another popular routine is the bodyweight exercises from Stack 52, which is a deck of cards that feature an illustrated exercise. The variability of the cards keeps the exercise routines fresh, and you can scan a code to see videos of the experts doing the moves.  And of course, at Arlo NoMad we’re all yoga fans, and always encourage our guests to stay “centered” with some in-room yoga with our favorite mindfulness platform be Revolutionarie where you can become a member online through its portal and stay logged in from wherever you are! Take it on the road with you! Pack a light travel matand enjoy some quiet time before joining the electric energy of the city.

An important note for in-room workouts is to always be mindful of your neighbors. We have impressive soundproofing, but it would be a bit much to do mountain climbers at five in the morning or midnight. Pick a reasonable time to engage your core!

For a lower intensity workout outside of the room, we also encourage our guests to explore NYC on foot. It’s a fun 4.3 mile walk from out lobby to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, which is just a few steps from the end of the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a great trek with amazing views and some delicious pie as a reward.