A Beautiful Business Is Like A Completed Jigsaw Puzzle

Expert Author Larry Galler

I walked into a friend’s home recently. On a side table there was a partially finished jigsaw puzzle; the border was all done and a few pieces were attached but mostly it was a pile of pieces jumbled chaotically in the middle and on the side, inviting completion. When I walked by I was intrigued since I haven’t worked on one of those puzzles in many years. I found myself turning the puzzle pieces one way or another to get some to fit.While I was playing around I thought how the structure of the puzzle reminded me of the structure of a business. Each piece of the puzzle has a shape, colors, and is part of the whole. Each part of a business has the same qualities. Same with a business – many parts assembled into a whole structure. 마사지

There is a difference though. In a business we tend to think of each piece as independent of each other. We may work in one department and work constantly on improving it but we tend to think that each department or each function as separate from the others and, if there is a problem in a department it can be “fixed” without affecting any other part of the business. Not true!If “Sales” doesn’t sell, than there is nothing for the warehouse to store and ship. If the warehouse is dysfunctional then the promises that “Sales” makes become a source of anger rather than a source of pride.If you think of a business as a jigsaw puzzle, the border is the foundation – Mission, Vision, and Values. Once the foundational elements are in place groups or departments or sub-assemblies attach to that foundation and, little by little, all the little pieces become part of the picture until, finally the pretty picture emerges out of the chaos. When the last piece of the puzzle is in place there is a sense of completion yet a business is never completed. There are always challenges to overcome, yet the object of creating something of beauty out of the chaos is constant.